Established over 30 years ago, West One Bathrooms is best known as Europe’s most illustrious and innovative supplier of bespoke bathrooms, renowned for its ability to source unique bathroom products from all over the world.

InDzine first became involved with West One Bathrooms a couple of years ago. They were initially looking for an agency to take over the management of their website.

We took the site on and made improvements to it firstly on Search Engine Optimisation. Adding header tags, page friendly URLs, Automated meta tags and a dynamic site map all helped West One improve their position in the natural search listings, increasing web traffic and enquiries.

Small changes have made a big impact. The site is now getting in the region of 9000 visits per month.

Victoria Sanderson, Marketing Manager at WestOne commented, “We’ve benefited from making some small changes to our online presence. We continually strive to automate and improve our online processes so we can concentrate on more pressing matters such as generating revenue and continuing to please our customer base by focusing on providing a high quality service”

If you have the foundations right and your website is serving its purpose, come and talk to us about how we can optimise your site and improve your overall online strategy ensuring you get maximum back for minimal effort. Make online comms work harder for you. Get in contact.